Category Testimonials

Saso Trajkoski

I study at four years of studies at the Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health. I would like to say that all professors who have taught me so far are very competent and friendly, but still require of the students ample knowledge of the material.

Idriz Duraku

As a student on the direction of Sports Coaches – mountaineering, I particularly like the practical instruction, ie the true mountaineering of popular destinations in Macedonia.

Anastasija Trajkovska

I am a student of 3 year studies for sports coaches – yoga. As a full-time employee, I can confirm that professors are flexible in time and have an understanding in this regard.

Stefan Angelovski

I am a student enrolled in 2016 at 4 years of study. The professors are always available for consultation, lectures are concise and with excellent scientific background. I would recommend to anyone who is considering whether to enroll – not to hesitate!