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Due to the pandemic situation, the Faculty for Physical Education, is currently giving it’s classes online – albeit temporarily – via Zoom.

In the near future, we will change the platform to Microsoft Teams which allows for unlimited usage.

How to sign in on Microsoft Teams:

All students of the faculty have been registered for unlimited and free accounts on Microsoft Office 365 which also contains Microsoft Teams.

The scheme for the usernames of all students is as follows:

If you still have difficulties during signing in, please follow the video manual bellow which explains the procedure in greater detail along with details how to find out what exactly your username is:


After you have successfully found your username and logged in, please refer to the following manual on how to start using Microsoft Teams:

1. To sign in to Microsoft Teams, use the following link:

2. Sign in with your username and password which you now have if you followed the procedure explained above.

3. Click on the Microsoft Teams icon.

4. Congratulations! You have successfully signed onto the platform and you can now start using it.

Notice: there is no need to install the Microsoft software locally, you can use it from your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox…). If you like, you can also install the software on the computer, but it is not mandatory. Just click on the X button to turn of the window which will only suggest that you install the application and you can continue working.