Performing fundamental research in all areas of the activity sport (physical education, mass,national and professional sports, managing the clubs, national sports federations, sports facilities, fight against violence in sport, fight against doping, decentralization of sports, etc.), development and application projects of public and local interest for educational institutions, central and local government, with priority of the university,national and professional sport, sports clubs, school sports clubs, national sports federations and international sports associations.
Support of human resources as the basis for a successful and charming concept sports system, for the purpose of continuous education for the needs of sport: introducing license system for personnel in sports (professional, part-time and voluntary) based on the standards of modern educational process; training of employees in the units of local government, for administration needs, mass sports – sports for all; education of specialists for sports needs (selection in sports, running athletes and teams in the national sport and keeping national teams in international sports system.
Supporting scientific approach in the creation, management and monitoring of the training process in sports with individuals, clubs and national teams, with particular emphasis on university sports.
Application of scientific research in the field of sport, transfer of scientific knowledge of the world in the process of training the athletes of the Republic of Macedonia and research related with the legislation for appropriate management of sports clubs and national sports federations.
Research for the central and local government in relation to the management and monitoring of performance in sport activities, with development, strategic and annual planning.