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Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health is a higher educational institution in the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “, responsible for the education of professionals with the highest degree in the field of physical culture – Kinesiology. Faculty of Physical Education was founded on 07.08.1977 by a decision of the Assembly of SRM (Law establishing the Faculty of Physical Education published in the Official newspaper of SRM no. 30/77 of 15/07/1977 year).
At the beginning, at the faculty were employed 12 masters and four associates – younger assistants. During the development, teaching and associate staff increased   according to changes in the curriculum and the needs for implementation.
Today the Faculty of Physical Education has a high quality teaching and associate staff who successfully follow the transformations in the implementation of the introduction of the European Credit Transfer System.
From the establishment till present, the faculty formed great professionals in the field of physical culture divided into 4 main study programs covering the main areas:
– Physical and health education
– Sports
– Sports recreation
– Kinesiotherapy
Today the Faculty of Physical Education operate three cycles of study.
At the first cycle of academic studies (4 years), students of the department Physical and health educationacquire 240 credits and receive a degree:
– GRADUATE PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION (educated to work in primary, secondary and higher education)
At the first cycle of professional studies (3 years), students of the department Sports, acquire 180 credits and receive a degree:
– GRADUATE SPORTS COACH IN RELLEVANT SPORT – athletics, boxing, wrestling, water polo, cycling, gymnastics, karate, kickboxing, basketball, volleyball, swimming, volleyball, sports persons with disabilities, archery, skiing, fitness, football, judo and others. (educated to work in sports clubs at all levels, sports federations and associations)
Underway are accreditations of integrated programs to prepare professionals for: Kynesitherapy, sports recreation, professional staff for persons with disabilities, professionals who will accomplish the teaching of the subject physical and health education in preschool and elementary school (I – V grade ).
In cooperation with the Faculty of Law “Justinian First”, as separate modules in the fourth year, are accredited study programs for “sports journalism“ и “public relations in sport“.
In the first cycle studies at the faculty, students attend field teaching in skiing, summer camping and hiking tour.
The faculty more than two decades   successfully perform the function for the preparation of highly qualified teaching staff at the second cycle studies – postgraduate studies.
At the second cycle (master) studies (one year), students acquire 60 credits, and currently are accredited two study programs. At the first study program students acquire academic degree MASTER IN KINESIOLOGY. At the second study program, which is in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, students acquire scientific degree MASTER IN SPORTS MANAGEMENT.
Underway are accreditations for a master in the field of sports, sports journalism and public relations in sports.
With the integration of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius “, is introduced the third cycle studies – doctoral studies
At the third cycle studies – PhD (3 years) students acquire 180 credits and receive a degree: PhD IN THE FIELD OF KINESIOLOGY
Faculty of Physical Education in Skopje, successfully cooperates with dozens homogeneous faculties in Europe and worldwide.


The Faculty has 4 gyms from which one room is under the name “Macedonian heroes” with a size of 1500 square meters and has a capacity of 500 seats. It is equipped with the latest sports equipment and is capable to be used for many types of sports.
Also within the Faculty are 4 classrooms and 1 amfieteatar equipped with audio-visual equipment (computers, video projectors, overhead projectors, Internet access). This equipment allows the theoretical instruction to be carried out in high-skilled and sophisticated way.
For more efficient implementation of teaching and scientific research in function is the “Mobile biomechanical-sports’ laboratory in which are tested various stakeholders (students, athletes, pupils, recreatives).The faculty library has a library fund of 5,000 books, journals, monographs, newsletters and other necessary school materials. Within the library are 10 computers with Internet access, which enables connection to the worlds greatest libraries, and thus to follow the news in the field of Kinesiology.