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for students entering the third cycle - doctoral studies


Kinesiology - Faculty of Physical Education, 32 students, 5650.00 euros.

Terms and conditions for enrollment
1. The right to write doctoral studies have people who have completed the appropriate study programs and who meet the following basic criteria: 
- completed I cycle of studies harmonized with the European Credit Transfer System (hereinafter: ECTS credits);
- Completed postgraduate studies in study programs before the introduction of the European Credit Transfer System, whom is recognized 60 credits of research training and education;
- Acquired qualification under study programs for regulated professions, achieved at least 300 ECTS credits;
- Realized average grade of all items from previously completed higher education, at least 8,00 (I and II cycle, ie undergraduate and graduate studies);
- Knowledge of a foreign language. Evidence of knowledge of the world language is: Certificate of Philology "Blaze Koneski" (not older than five years), or an international certificate (not older than five years) or degree for previously acquired education - undergraduate (first cycle) or graduate studies (second cycle), finished in one of the world's languages.

Selection of candidates
After the end of the competition, the Council of the study program announces preliminary rankings of the candidates received on the doctoral studies, for each study program or sub-program separately. Selection of candidates
After the end of the competition, the Council of the study program announces preliminary rankings of the candidates received on the doctoral studies, for each study program or sub-program separately.

Documents for registration
Candidates who are applying the competition submit:
- Registration Form, with the appointment of the selected study program which competes;
- A letter of motivation, with the appointment of the field of research and proposal of a supervisor from the list of mentors;
- Preliminary approval from potential mentor acceptance of the candidate;
- CV;
evidence proving compliance with the requirements for registration, including:
- Transcripts of the first cycle studies or undergraduate studies
- Transcripts of the second cycle studies or postgraduate studies
- Degree of first cycle studies, ie undergraduate studies
- Degree of second cycle studies, ie postgraduate studies certificate / certificate knowledge of world language in accordance with the requirements of Title II, point 1, line 5;
- Applicants that their higher education, undergraduate (first cycle) and postgraduate (second cycle) completed abroad submit nostrified documents proving fullfillment of the requirements for entering the third cycle - doctoral studies, and the equivalence of the estimates if the system of assessment is different from R. Macedonia.
The documentation is submitted in photocopy and original submitted for inspection. Documents submitted by mail must be noterized.
Applications of candidates with incomplete documents will not be considered.

Documents for enrollment
Upon enrollment, the admitted candidates submit:
- Index and signing sheets; / three photos (two photos with dimensions 3.5 x 4.5 and one measuring 2 x 3);
- Confirmation of paid tuition for the first semester of doctoral studies (tuition is paid in 6 equal installments at the beginning of each semester, in denars).
Upon payment of the first installment, the candidates:
- 250 euros in denars paid for the School of doctoral studies at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius "in Skopje, the following account: 160 010 3689 788 18; Revenue Code program: 723 012 41; Bank of Recipient: National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia;
- The rest of the amount paid on account of the Faculty / Institute - organizer of the study program.
When paying the rates under Section V and VI the candidate shall submit one payment on slip PP50 for 50.00 denars payment, indicating the administrative tax fee. Important note:
Personal data of the payment slip PP50 (name, surname, address and PIN), must be from the student who submits a form that is subject to an administrative tax fee.

Detailed information regarding the admission criteria of any of the study programs, the required documentation, organization and timing of the study programs, and the list of mentors, interested candidates can get in the School of Doctoral Studies.
Contact information:
- Address:Gotse Delchev boulevard 9, 1000 Skopje
Contact person:
- Vesna Markovska (3293 207, email:
- Katerina Klimoska (3293 207, email:
- web page:
- Download the competition PDF



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Appreciating the 34-year tradition of the Faculty of Physical Education at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, I can proudly say that it is the oldest and the most reputable scientific and educational institution regarding the field of Kinesiology in the Republic of Macedonia.
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