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Undergraduate Studies
Postgraduate Studies
Doctoral Studies

Prof.PhD Lence Aleksovska Velickovska
Subject: Psychology of physical education and sports

Prof.PhD Milan Naumovski
Subject: Basketball

Prof. PhD Ivan Anastasovski
Subject: Sociology of sports

Prof.PhD Vujica Zivkovic
Subject: Kynesitherapy

Prof.PhD Dusko Ivanov
Subject: History of physical culture

Prof.PhD Aleksandar Tufekcievski
Subject: Biomechanics

Prof.PhD Zoran Radic
Subject: Athletics

Prof.PhD Zarko Kostovski
Subject: Martial arts 2 (Judo and Karate)

Prof.PhD Gino Strezovski
Subject: Handball

Prof.PhD Josko Milenkoski
Subject: Voleyball

Prof.PhD Nebojsa Markovski
Subject: Football

Prof.PhD Robert Hristovski
Subject: Theory and methodology of sports training

Prof.PhD Daniela Sukova Stojanovska
Subject: Hygiene of physical exercise

Prof.PhD Vanco Pop-Petrovski
Subject: Medicine of sports

Prof.PhD Orce Mitevski
Subject: Sports Gymnastics

Prof.PhD Ilija Klincarov
Subject: Didactics of physical education and sports

Prof. PhD Natasa Meskovska
Subject: Swimming with water polo

Prof. PhD Goran Nikovski
Subject: Recreation

Prof. PhD Georgi Georgiev
Subject: Methodology with statistics

Prof. PhD Mitricka Dz Stardelova
Subject: Kinesiological anthropology

Assoc. prof. PhD Aleksandar Simeonov
Subject: Athletics

Assoc. prof. PhD Serjoza Gontarev
Subject: Didactics of physical education and sports

Assis. prof. PhD Aleksandar Aceski
Subject: Biomechanics

Assoc. prof. PhD Vladimir Vuksanovic
Subject: Anthropomotorics

Assis. prof. PhD Katerina Spasovska
Subject: Sports gymnastics PhD Borce Daskalovski
Subject: Basketball

Assis. prof. d-r Vlatko Nedelkovski
Subject: Handball

Assis. prof. д-r Andrijana Misoski
Subject: Volleyball

Assoc. prof. PhD Ruzdija Kalac
Subject: Martial arts 1 (Boxing and Wrestling)



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Appreciating the 34-year tradition of the Faculty of Physical Education at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, I can proudly say that it is the oldest and the most reputable scientific and educational institution regarding the field of Kinesiology in the Republic of Macedonia.
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